The Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award


We will be presenting the Friendship Circle Fellowship Award to all volunteers who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to their special friends. Volunteers qualify for this prestigious honor by consistently volunteering and as a result receive recognition for their dedication. Don't miss out on this great addition to your college application.

Earn 30 credits (our online logging system records points. 2 Points = 1 Credit)

  • Attend a minimum of two educational seminars
  • Log in your community service hours AT LEAST once a month. Credits will not be issued if received after one month from date of volunteering.
  • Once you log in your hours, our system will automatically record your hours and points, and add them to your running total.
  • All community service hours that you log will remain pending until a Friendship Circle administrator verifies and approves them. Once approved, your hours will switch from pending to validated.

Friends @ Home 2 Points = 1 Credit (per visit)
Sunday Circle 3 Points = 1.5 Credits (per event)
Volunteer Orientation
6 Points = 3 Credits (per event)
Winter/Summer Camp
6 Points = 3 Credits (per day)
Holiday Celebrations 4 Points = 2 Credits (per event)
Holiday Distribution 2 Points = 1 Credit (per event)
Educational Workshops 10 Points = 5 Credits (per workshop)
Birthday Bash
2 Points = 1 Credit (per event)
Hebrew School
3 Points = 1.5 Credits (per class)
Leadership Conference 
14 Points = 7 Credits (per event)
Walk 4 Friendship 8
 Points = 4 Credits (per event)
Pre-Walk Chai-a-Thon 2 Points = 1 Credit (per shift)

Friendship Circle Los Angeles
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