The Friendship Circle Hebrew School curriculum is based on the School Philosophy and Core Goals. Foremost is building community through the acceptance and inclusivity of every person.  Curriculum is divided into Expected Student Learning Results (ESLR) and specific topic areas such as Davening, Parshas HaShavua, and Yahadus which includes Luach HaShana, Historia, Yomim Tovim and Mitzvos. The development of social and emotional growth skills are encouraged in all facets of the curriculum.

Friendship Circle Hebrew School Students will…


Be able to…

  • Participate in Jewish holidays and rituals
  • Participate in fundamental Jewish prayers


Show interest in…

  • Jewish rituals
  • Jewish Holidays



  • Recognition of the Hebrew Alphabet
  • A clear sense of Jewish identity
  • Knowledge of Jewish Biblical history
  • Social connections with Jewish children
  • Social connections with teen volunteers



  • Jewish holiday songs
  • Learning about the Torah portion of the week


Express positive emotions regarding…

  • Hebrew School
  • Judaism

Overall Curriculum Goals
World stands on: Torah, Tefilla and Tedakah
1. Students understand that davening is a way of talking to Hashem, to praise Him, thank Him, and ask Him.
2. Students develop familiarity and fluency with basic davening.

Torah is the basis of the world
1. Parsha imparts fundamental Jewish concepts through values, stories and laws.
2. Become familiar with Jewish history and personalities.
3. How Parsha relates to Jewish observance in our lives

1.We thank Hashem for the food we eat by saying a Brocha before we eat each food.
2. Different foods are grown in different ways

Yom Tov:
1. Students look forward to Yom Tov and feel part of it.
2. Students understand the significance of the Yom Tov.
3. Students are familiar with basic practices of the Yom Tov.
4. Students take home projects and materials that they will use for Yom Tov observances.
5. Students understand the use of and significance of projects and manipulatives they bring home for Yom Tov.

Students become familiar with names of the Jewish Hebrew months
Students become familiar with yearly Jewish cycle of holidays

Friendship Circle Hebrew School provides a snack that supports the on-going curriculum. See “Kosher Guidelines.”

Used as a learning opportunity for Parsha, Yom Tov and/or Yahadus
Used as a learning opportunity to reinforce the concept and practice of brochos

Students develop an appreciation for doing Mitzvos…

Begin to demonstrate an understanding that Mitzvos are a wonderful thing that bring light and goodness to the world
Learn the practicality of Mitzva observances

1. Students master Hebrew reading according to their level
2. Students recognize sight words of davening and their Hebrew names