Friendship Circle Fellowship Awards are presented to all volunteers who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to their special friends. Volunteers qualify for this prestigious honor by consistently volunteering and expanding their knowledge in the field of special education. Recipients receive a token scholarship and beautiful award.


  • For Volunteers in grades 9-12
  • Earn 60 Fellowship Points throughout the school year
  • Attend a minimum of two Educational Workshops
  • Log in your community service hours AT LEAST once a month. Points will not be issued if received after one month of volunteering.


How to Log Your Hours:

  1. Create an account at
  2. FCLA Admin will verify and approve your account
  3. Log your hours on the website or the (free) app "Track it Forward"
  4. FCLA will keep a record of your volunteering, and your school can email to request a report of your hours

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List of Programs & Points:

Points per day/event

Educational Workshops: 10 points

Friends @ Home: 2 points

Hebrew School: 3 points

Holiday Celebrations: 4 points

Sunday Circle/ TTYA: 3 points

Volunteer Orientation: 6 points

Walk4Friendship: 8 points

Winter/ Summer Camp: 6 points

Wings & Wisdom/Torah & Tea: 2 points

HS/SC/Basketball Workshops: 3 points

HS/Camp Workshops: 5 points

Basketball Club: 2 points

Click here to log your hours