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My Backyard is a new trailblazing gift to the Los Angeles community. Featuring innovative and state-of-the-art play areas and equipment, including California’s only integration carousel, My Backyard is a magical playground that uniquely caters to children of diverse ages, abilities and demographics. A safe haven for parents and children, that enhances motor and sensory skills, and facilitates integration between children with special needs and typical peers in an intimate and thrilling environment. By offering cultivated learning opportunities and the unique gift of play through inclusion, My Backyard is an oasis of joy and recreation where barriers are lifted and deep friendships are formed. 

My Backyard offers a wide variety of features that allow children with special needs to get the most out of their play
experience. Here are some of the amazing play spaces children will enjoy:

Integration Carousel: Walk or wheel onto this fully accessible carousel! This integration carousel allows everyone to sit via bench or wheelchair while having fun spinning around together. This is the only integration carousel of its kind in California!
Jungle Gym: Climb, crawl, and slide on the jungle gym! Activities at ground level make this accessible for children to play at multiple levels.
Imaginative Play Space: Play store, house, or other pretend games at this play space. Designed to foster communication, cooperative play and caring, this cottage is a place to imagine and pretend!
Bench of Friendship: This circular bench is the perfect place to take a break or sit and observe the action. Surrounding a growing tree, this bench will soon be covered in
shade for most of the day.
Sensory Bike Path: Bricks, bumps and pebbles dot this unique bike path that circles My Backyard. The different materials provide visual and sensory stimulation for children biking or walking upon the path!
Garden of Friendship: Planting, watering, and garden maintenance come together to provide an exciting sensory, science, math and literacy experience. The wheelchair-accessible raised bed garden allows everyone to join in the fun and hands-on learning!
Tree of Friendship: This tree is set to grow to provide a focal point of shade and rest for the playground.
Water Play System: Water wheel, trough, basins and water are fun, fun, fun. Kids can play with water while exploring concepts like weight and dimensions and working on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills through pouring and filling containers with water. A large space provides plenty of opportunity to interact and share with others.
Sand Area:
This raised sand play area allows easy access to children in wheelchairs to play and explore sand with other children.
Distortion Mirror: Children, teens and adults will love looking at themselves in this distortion mirror! It’s a unique and fun way to explore self image and facilitate social interaction.
Spinner Bowl: The spinner bowl is a load of fun for all ages. The input of space and movement offers a thrilling ride that helps the child feel calm and regulated.
Spica: Children develop muscle strength and sense of their body in space as they spin the rotating pole with the pressure and strength of their own bodies.
Farm Pump: The vintage looking farm pump encourages children to use their bodily strength to produce and explore water.
Monkey Bars: The monkey bars help a child push their physical boundaries and grow in strength, skill and confidence. These newfound skills boost self esteem and socialization.